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Here you will find forex signals with charts. There is no registration or payment required at the moment. The signals can be used alone or combined with your own analysis in order to make profits. We will also publish the performance of these signals on “performance page“.

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Important Questions

Please read the FAQ section for better guidance.

The signals are 100% free for a limited time, and you do not need to register or pay any fees to use them. These signals are generated by Experts with deep premium analysis. Its not like other free stuff available on internet.

This advanced premium analysis signal can be combined with your own strategy, or you can use it alone. It depends on you. The forex signals telegram are simple and easy to use. You don’t need to be a technical expert. You just need to understand the basics of trading and be able to use the signals. Both beginners and experienced traders can use these forex signals to make profits in forex trading. 

Over the years, we have learned the market always moves towards orderblocks (clusters of huge volume orders) and that’s why stop losses are hit. Let’s keep it simple, it’s a deep topic. 

Suppose we publish a EURUSD sell signal with entry point 1.1950 and stop loss 1.2000 so it would be 50 Pips. Our more than 1000 subscribers follow this signal and they enter their trade with the same Stop Loss point at ” 1.2000″

There can be some small traders and some big traders. And you know how lot size is calculated.

Micro Lot= 1000 Units 

Mini Lot= 10,000 Units

Standard Lot= 100.000 Units

Many traders will enter with Mini lots, others will enter with Standard and Micro lots, etc. Overall it will become a huge massive volume orderblock at 1.2000 

As a result, the market will automatically move towards this massive volume order block. 

Why will the market move towards massive volume order block?

There can be two reasons.

  1. To liquidate the market orders. It’s the banks’ algorithm who automatically processes pending orders. 

  2. Market makers intentionally move the market toward huge volume order blocks in order to profit. 

95% of retail traders fail due to a lack of knowledge about price movement and market characteristics. Usually retail traders put their stop losses above or below swings and they get hit easily. This is due to the mindset of retail traders around the world. They all see the market the same way. 

Therefore, we do not provide exact entry and stop loss points. Instead, we give a zone where we predict the market will reverse, and traders have to enter with their own individual entry and stop loss points. This is the safest way to avoid a cluster of stop losses.

We are working on it and we plan to create a separate group for only a few subscribers. It will be an exceptional service with a higher fee. We want to keep our subscribers’ stop losses hidden from the eyes of big fishes.

One and only simple rule: Never risk more than 1% per trade. You have to manage risk according to Stop Loss Pips. And your rewards should be greater than your risk.

Problem with retail traders is that they always run for pips and they do not care about risk and stop loss. 

It doesn’t matter if your Stop Loss is 10 pips or 100 pips, your risk shouldn’t exceed 1%. Additionally, your reward should be greater than 2%.

When you enter a trade, use the Position size calculator.

Yes, we send an alert to our Forex signals Telegram channel when a new Signal is published on our website.

If you need more information or guidance, you can send a message via Telegram or email. 

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